Marketing analytics platform to consolidate your marketing data for a single source of truth

Our marketing analytics platform has been built from the ground up to unify marketing data from disparate and siloed marketing sources, alleviating the daily pressure on marketing teams to orchestrate data ingestion, manage data warehousing, build data transformation models and create data visualisations.

Analytics Platform Overview

All-in-one solution for connecting, storing, and visualising marketing data in a single analytics platform

As a fully managed marketing analytics platform, our ELT tools streamline data ingestion to load and store raw data directly into the cloud data warehouse. Complex transformations are then performed on the data to ensure analytics-ready data sets are available for visualisation.

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Pre-built Connectors

Connect to all data sources and centralise marketing data in a single platform

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Data Ownership

All marketing data is loaded to a cloud warehouse to future-proof ownership and analytics

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Analysis-ready Data

Visualise marketing data to easily locate key metrics and drill down to important insights

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Zero Engineering

Fully-managed platform lets users focus on insights and making data-informed decisions

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Automated Updates

Schema updates and auth tokens automatically refreshed for uninterrupted access and syncs

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Centralised Billing

All costs associated to queries, storage, streaming and data transfers managed by us

Platform Connectors
Platform Connectors

Connect and extract data from all types of marketing sources including applications, files, feeds and more

  • Unify all data sources using pre-built schemas for hundreds of connectors to ensure relevant data is extracted from source
  • Zero-knowledge authentication so access to data sources are secure and revokable at anytime
  • Authentication refresh is applied automatically for continued access to connector
  • Automatic updates to connectors when changes to connector schemas or API are detected to ensure no interruptions to data extractions
  • Automated scheduling of data syncs according to the type of connector and required frequency
Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery data warehouse ensures total ownership of data and future-proof storage

We provide a managed dedicated cloud warehouse in BigQuery to load and store data from every marketing data source. As raw data is uploaded from its source, this provides a future-proof alternative to already transformed data, allowing additional queries to be performed on raw and untouched data.

  • Raw data stored for additional SQL queries
  • Historical data storage for future analysis
  • Transferable BigQuery Projects
  • Central billing for streaming, queries and storage
Google BigQuery
dbt Transformations
dbt Transformations

Data transformations with our dbt packages provide analysis-ready data sets

QZM Analytics integrates with Fishtown Analytics’ data build tool (dbt) to power complex and sophisticated data transformations in your destination to produce clear, comprehensible tables that power your reports, visualisations, and dashboards.

  • Analysis-ready data across multiple data sources
  • Tests conducted to validate transformation
  • Version control and documentation
Platform Dashboard

Visualise your data with a logical and intuitive set of reports and dashboards

Our interactive and responsive charts are built in to logically grouped reports and dashboards for simple navigation. Users can quickly and easily locate key metrics and drill down to important insights from multiple sources.

  • Analyse and compare previous periods and YOY growth*
  • Powerful Sankey and Time-Series charts
  • Export and share dashboards via PDF or email
  • Schedule email report updates

* Requires historical sync with data stored in BigQuery Project.

Platform Dashboard

Monitor your performance with our marketing analytics platform to make data-informed decisions