We believe data & analytics should be at the core of any successful digital marketing strategy

QZM has been providing digital marketing services to organisations since 2014, with founders working in the marketing discipline for decades. Our solutions help marketers and analysts consolidate data across all marketing data sources to discover insights for more data-informed decisions.

Data Storytelling

Communicating your insights effectively through good data, narratives and visuals

End-to-end Analytics

We have a team of data analysts, scientists, and engineers to help you advance your analytics journey

Agile to the Core

We adopt Agile methodologies to ensure all projects are managed efficiently and in scope

Technical Partner

We setup, build and integrate all applications required for successful digital marketing campaigns

We work with clients to integrate and scale-up marketing operations across leading platforms

No matter what marketing department setup, QZM partners with your team to provide access to the latest technology, deliver in-depth analytics, and discover the insights required for next-best-actions, analysis of KPI’s, goal setting and marketing investment.

QZM can provide additional value by delivering carefully-honed marketing strategies, detailed market research, complete customer profiling, thoughtful website design & development, SEO, paid search campaigns, social media management, advertising data analysis and more.

Working with us ensures:

  • A data-driven and Agile approach
  • Omni-channel brand consistency
  • Visibility across all core marketing channels
  • ROAS maximised with smart forecasting
  • Personalised content delivered to engaged audience

Monitor marketing performance with our connected analytics platform and start making data-informed decisions